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    • Adverse childhood experiences, childhood relationships and associated substance use and mental health in young Europeans 

      Hughes, Karen; Bellis, Mark A.; Sethi, Dinesh; Andrew, Rachel; Yon, Yongjie; Wood, Sara; Ford, Kat; Baban, Adriana; Boderscova, Larisa; Kachaeva, Margarita; Makaruk, Katarzyna; Markovic, Marija; Povilaitis, Robertas; Raleva, Marija; Terzic, Natasa; Velemínský, Miloš; Wlodarczyk, Joanna; Zakhozha, Victoria (Oxford University Press, 2019)
      Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can increase risks of health-harming behaviours and poor health throughout life. While increases in risk may be affected by resilience resources such as supportive childhood relationships, ...